About Us


Three Little Pearls is a family run company based in Nashville, Tennessee. Our father called us his "three little girls" which is why we named ourselves the Three Little Pearls.

Three Little Pearls was started by our father, Keith Danks. Throughout his life, he was a very successful entrepreneur and an even more successful father. His generosity, kindness, strength, determination, and hard work ethic is what was we base this business on. Unfortunately, our father passed away on January 9th, 2017 at the age of 54. Shortly after his death we learned that the pearl is his birthstone and beyond that, he always loved the pearl because every single one is different. He is greatly missed by many people and we are determined to continue his legacy, encompassing all his amazing quality’s in our business. We are so grateful for the amazing gift and lessons he left us with in life and are determined to deliver every product with the highest quality and donate 5% of the profits to Food for the Poor, which was his favorite charity. He believed that no child should ever go to bed hungry. He was always donating to food banks and food for the poor without any recognition. The thought that a child would get dinner and go to bed full was enough for him.

Each pearl is completely unique to itself and is created by the struggles it goes through. Through the salt and the grit, it becomes a beautiful stone. My sisters and I are determined to take this struggle and turn ourselves and our business into the most beautiful form it and we can be.  

Help us feed children and families all over the world through his memory.

We make every piece of jewelry at our kitchen table to ensure that each piece that is delivered is high quality.

5% of each sale goes towards feeding children and families through Food for the Poor.

Our boutique-quality selection covers everything from bracelets to necklaces. It’s something nice for you and a world of difference for them.